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Tuition & Financial Aid

For those families who would have extreme hardship paying this tuition, limited funds are available from the school for financial aid. Families wishing to apply for this financial aid must fill-out the Financial Aid Application to be submitted by the deadline in July.


In order to complete the Financial Aid Application form, a tax statement must be submitted for each person in the household who has a job (also a signed statement explaining any other additional income must be included). These tax statements (or copies) must be brought to school and turned in for the Financial Aid Application to be considered complete.

Application for financial aid does not guarantee that it will be granted. Many families must make sacrifices in order to pay for tuition. YCHS tries to use its limited funding to help the families who have the greatest need.

If YCHS finds a sponsor to pay the student’s financial aid, then the student will write quarterly update letters to the sponsor, and a copy of the student’s report card will be sent to the sponsor each quarter.

Full Year Tuition

The tuition for a full school year, which includes the Summer Session Program, is $800 ($80 USD per month for ten months).


Tuition Deadline

The tuition is due on the 15th of each month of the school year. When the 15th falls on a weekend (extended holiday weekends also apply), tuition is due on the following business day (e.g. the latest school day following the weekend). 


Tuition Late Fee

If for any reason the tuition for a student is late, the family must call the school the ahead of time. All late tuition payments will require an additional $5USD late fee.


Tuition Discount

If the entire school year's worth of tuition is paid in full by the September deadline, a 10% discount will be applied to the total tuition of a respective student. Also, certain discounts may be applied to specific students under special circumstances to be determined by the school's administration.

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Sponsor a Student

Interested in sponsoring students?

If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please see our Sponsor a Student page or contact us directly. 

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