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Sponsor a Student

Due to the low annual income of many families on Yap (average annual household income is approximately $9,000), about 50% of our student body requires financial aid in order to afford the $800/ year tuition and the actual cost per student per year is approximately $2,100.

All families contribute towards their child's education, but the amount varies for families that apply for financial assistance.  To cover the costs of this financial aid, we must rely on outside sponsors who are willing to make a donation to go towards a student's tuition costs.

Typical sponsorship donations range from $200-$1,000 depending on what the benefactor chooses to contribute.  Any amount is much appreciated and can make a difference in a student's ability to attend our Catholic, college preparatory school. If you choose to make a larger donation, you could be matched with more than one student.

Sponsors receive quarterly updates from their student(s) and the school including a thank you letter, photo, and report card.  These quarterly updates are sent to sponsors via email.

If you would like to make a sponsorship donation, please contact us at

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